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Everything has been moved and configured and we are live at

Come on over! All new posts will be posting there from now on. You can resubscribe to my feed there if you are a subscriber. I tried to get this site to point to that one with automatic redirect but I could only get it to work the other way around (told you I am slow) so I don’t know if that will be happening. But all the posts and comments and everything are over there too now.

Thanks!!!! I heart my readers 🙂

The posts at this blog will be deleted in the next few weeks, but if you followed a link to get here that is now broken, taking “wordpress” out of the link (so instead of will bring you to the appropriate link.  Thanks!

A personal testament to having an emergency fund

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Bartering instead of buying

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Having a budget motivates me to act frugally

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Advice for the younger generation a la “We’re In Debt”

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Reorganizing my pantry by expiration date

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My Disclaimer

I am just a girl in debt. I am not an expert on personal finance or anything even close. Nothing on this blog constitutes advice. It is just my opinion and what I have chosen to do with my time and money. Have a splendid day!